Our Story

Even though the Knoxville Dream Center started in 2014, it has its roots in a ministry that started over 27 years ago.


In the early 90’s, Maxine Raines launched Lost Sheep MinistryGrowing up homeless herself, Maxine wanted to give back.  She wanted to see the homeless in Knoxville cared for and find faith in Jesus Christ.
Armed with hot dogs, Maxine served the homeless from the trunk of her car and never looked back!  Eventually finding a “home” under the I40 bridge, Lost Sheep Ministry has served the homeless every Wednesday night for close to 30 years...not missing one Wednesday during this time!
As the homeless gather every Wednesday night, they can always find a hot meal, clothes, medical treatment, blankets, dental services, prayer, and conversation with some of Knoxville’s finest volunteers.  In fact, Lost Sheep offers the occasional shower as well!

In 2014, the Knoxville Dream Center is born.

As Maxine approached the age of retirement, she wanted to hand off Lost Sheep to those who loved who she loved, and served who she served.  Enter Park West Church and Pastors Gerald McGinnis and Paul Harris. 


Pastor Paul Harris, who was running the Benevolent Ministry at Park West, took over the day to day operations of Lost Sheep and saw an opportunity to serve Knoxville’s poor and disenfranchised in deeper and wider ways.  With the expansion of Food Truck and a Title-One School program,  KDC still serves those who are homeless, but also looks to offer solutions to prevent it.

Our mission is to offer good food, authentic faith, and opportunities for a brighter future for those who need it most.  We would love for you to come and check out what we do!  Come volunteer, or book a tour of our facility.  We would love to share more about who we are and perhaps, you may find yourself being a part of the Knoxville Dream Center story!   




Here is a feature the Community Television of Knoxville did on KDC and LSM.  These will provide a little more information on our history and what we do as a ministry.  

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T: (865) 688-9636

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E: info@knoxvilledreamcenter.org

1444 Breda Dr. Knoxville, TN 37918

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