What is the difference?

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

Food Truck is a core ministry here at KDC! Every week we serve free groceries to hundreds of struggling families which gives them the ability to, not only put food on their tables, but target their limited income to other essential needs. It is humbling and exciting to see men, women, and children thankful and appreciative for the food they receive. The great thing is that we serve week in and week out; same time and locations around the city.

Consistency is key!

However, many people who receive from Food Truck, while thankful for the food, point to other reasons, mainly one, on why they love coming out.

It’s you…

Ms. Glenda sharing her love with the people at the Park West Church Dutch Valley campus Food Truck

Our volunteers make it easy for people to come out and receive. Going to a Food Truck can be embarrassing for some, but our volunteers make it a place where people feel loved.

Recently, one of our volunteers retired from over 40 years at the same place and was looking for an opportunity to “love on some people.” Our new Food Truck site at Park West Church Dutch Valley was the perfect place for her to jump in. Not only does Glenda have conversations and joke around with those who get in line, but she hugs and prays for them as well. In fact, she believes God sent her to Food Truck just to minister to those in line!

Glenda struggled with anger early on in her life, but Jesus took it away! Recently, two men in line at Food Truck told her they struggled with anger issues as well. Glenda, full of joy, tells them about what Jesus did for her, how Jesus set her free from the anger that gripped her life.

Why do people open up to us at Food Truck?

It’s because we are not strangers. We are there every week, waiting to make a difference. I believe there is a "Glenda" in all of us…waiting to come out and “love on some people” and make a difference in the desert!

Ross Jones

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