A Door of Discovery

by Pastor John Unthank

Every fall break, and every spring break, The Knoxville Dream Center in partnership with Scruffy City Books, gives away books to children in the Title One schools we serve. Scruffy City is a great partner and they have a heart to give back to the community!

I have known this for years, but the past few weeks have reinforced it more than ever. The whole process of assembling our books, sorting our books, and boxing them up for over 2400 students in elementary grade levels went like clockwork. The entire operation went smooth and with wonderful helpers who do much of the tedious work, it was worth it all.

I was privileged to be in our schools and deliver the books, and with so many "thank yous" from principals and teachers, I lost track. The best thing of all was being with the students when they were able to choose their books to take home for break.

They were so excited....giggling, looking carefully for just the right one and the smiles....all the smiles. On our end we knew the result; a door was going to be opened through these books.

A door to discoveries of science, a door to a fun filled story of a play day, a door to a story about relationships, a door to learning, and a soul refreshing was a pleasant addition to a well deserved break. There is so much in the power of a book in the hand of a child. We are so grateful we could do this project once again.....and already look forward to next year!

If you would like to get involved with the Knoxville Dream Center and our Title-One School Outreach program, email us at pastorjohn@knoxvilledreamcenter.org.

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