You should find the answers to most of your questions here; however, if you don't, please do not hesitate to email us at or start a chat session with us.  We will get back to you as soon as we can!
General Questions
What is Lost Sheep's relationship with the Knoxville Dream Center?
Lost Sheep Ministry is the homeless outreach of the  Knoxville Dream Center.  Both are 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations.  
Who should I direct my donations to?
You can direct your donations to either organization.  If you give to the Knoxville Dream Center, your donation dollars will go to all things KDC, including Lost Sheep Ministry.  If you give to Lost Sheep Ministry, your donation will go directly to homeless outreach.  Click here to go to our giving page.
Do you help with Utility or Rent?
We are primarily a mobile food pantry service.  We do not assist with utility or housing.  We are not a shelter as well.
Questions Concerning Under the Bridge
How old do I have to be to volunteer?
For security, health, and maturity reasons, you have to be thirteen years or older to volunteer.  All minors need to have a parent, guardian, youth pastor, pastor, or some sort of leader with them Under the Bridge.  Waiver forms are found here...
Can I bring donations Under the Bridge?
We do not accept donations Under the Bridge.  Please bring any donation to our warehouse at 1444 Breda Dr. Knoxville, TN 37918
Do I need a waiver form to participate?
All volunteers need to submit a waiver from before they serve.  Waiver forms are found here...
Can I just show up to volunteer?
To better serve you and to help us with knowing how many volunteers are coming, please click here and you will be directed to our volunteer page.  Once you arrive under the bridge, please check in at our volunteer table.  
How do I get to Under the Bridge?
Getting to Under the Bridge can be kinda tricky because some GPS platforms do not recognize the address.  If you click here, you will be routed to UTB.  This will take you to the corner of Blackstock Ave and Maxine Raines Rd.  From there, go down Maxine Raines Rd and our UTB service will be straight ahead with parking on the left.    
Are you always Under the Bridge even when there is bad weather?
Yes!  We have never missed a Wednesday night serving in almost 30 years.  However, if the weather is bad (icy roads, bad driving conditions) we will move to a Plan B mode of operation.  Only a few key volunteers will go and serve Under the Bridge when Plan B is initiated.  Volunteers who signed up online will be notified when this happens.     
Questions Concerning Food Truck
Do you always do Food Truck?
Due to lack of shelter, we do not do Food Truck when it is raining or when the temperatures are below 32 degrees.  You can download the Knoxville Dream Center App to receive push notifications when Food Truck is cancelled.  All Food Truck volunteers will receive an email letting them know when it is cancelled as well.      
Do I have to sign up for Food Truck if I want to receive food?
No.  All food is free and is served on a first come first serve basis.  Click here to find out when Food Truck will be in your area.  We go to the same places, at the same times, weekly.  No photo ID is necessary.
How old do I need to be to serve at Food Truck?
There is no age requirement, elementary aged children need adult supervision.   
How do I sign up to volunteer at Food Truck?
Click here to volunteer.  Upon arrival, you can check in with the Food Truck driver listed on the online sign up.  Their name will be listed there.   
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