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Difference In The Desert

Author: Ross M. Jones

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

By Glenda and Andy Hurst

God’s spirit is on the move at the Food Trucks! He is providing food, answering prayers, and stirring hearts!

So many things have happened since Andy and I started the Food Truck. We knew in our heart that is what God wanted us to do. We love working side by side with all the volunteers.

When Pastor Paul of Park West Church Dutch Valley called a 21 day fast and quiet time for the church, we both spent time in prayer and fasting for the people who work on the truck and especially for the people who come to the Food Trucks. The following Tuesday, when we went to PWCDV to work the truck, we felt the spirit of God so strong and there was such a calmness with everybody there.

We just prayed, “Lord lead us in the direction you want us to go.”

There was a lady who came in crying. I asked if there was something I could do for her. She said no and that she just needed to get food for her daughter and her granddaughter.

I kept watching her to be sure she was ok. Some of the other ladies in line talked with her too. They were telling her where to go to get extra help. Before she went outside, I asked her if she would like me to pray with her, she said she would appreciate it very much. We talked about what she needed from God and asked if she knew the Lord as her savior. She said she did.

She told me her older daughter had just died with a blood infection, she was 20 years old.

The daughter had a 2 year old daughter that she is now going to have to raise plus she has a 7 year old of her own. Her car tore up and she worked an extra job to get the money to pay to have it fixed. The auto shop called her and said her car could not be fixed. She can’t afford another car. She had to start walking the girls to school and ride the bus to work. Unfortunately, she could not get to work on time so they laid her off. While we were praying, another lady came up and started to pray with us and she was crying too. She had lost a daughter as well and just needed somebody to talk to but was afraid to ask. We all cried and prayed together. I left the two women talking to each other and they exchanged phone numbers.

Andy talks to a lot of the men who come to the Food Truck and that gives him time to share how Jesus changed his life. One of the men wanted to know why we said we loved him.

When we explained to him that is God’s plan to love one another he said nobody had ever told him they loved him before (guess who was crying again?)

We finished loading the truck and went on over to our next stop, and when I pulled up, a young lady pulled in beside me and came over to my car. I remembered she had been at the PWCDV Truck. She said she followed us over there to see if she could ask me something and, being me, I said it is ok if you came over here for more food.

She said, “No, I followed you over here because I wanted to know if you would pray for me like you did those other ladies.”

My heart was hurting for the needs of so many people. She was going in the hospital the next day for surgery and was very scared. We prayed together and she said she would see me again at PWCDV when she can come because she wanted to know more about God. The presence of the Lord was so strong and real!

(God is doing some awesome things at Food Truck, all you have to do is be open for HIm to move through you, talk through you, and use you. Tune in next week for Part Two of God Will Use You!)

Almost every day, we receive clothing donations at our warehouse. Most of these donations come to us via spring cleaning, the desire to repurpose old wardrobes due to new Christmas gifts, or a family moved and is wanting to donate old clothes for a great cause. However, on occasion, we receive clothes due to someone passing away.

The other day, Jessica Garrett (our awesome Kitchen Manager) and I were assisting an older couple with their clothing donation. We observed the couple and how they were carefully watching us unload the car. How did we handle the clothes? Were we careful with them? The couple told us that a loved one had passed away and they were glad they could donate these clothes to a good cause because this is what he or she would have desired.

Students from Sterling College serving at our Mobile Clothing Closet

The couple wasn't being over protective of the clothes being handled, they were protective of something far more important, far greater, and frankly, far more meaningful.

As the couple drove off, I remember telling Jessica, “In cases like these, we are never just receiving a clothing donation, we are receiving memories.” Jessica smiled before I could even get the sentence out of my mouth. She could feel the same thing.

We hand out clothes to our homeless community every Wednesday night, and recently, we launched our first ever Mobile Clothing Closet.

Family receiving coats in our Mobile Clothing Closet

In fact, this past Friday morning, we handed out close to 40 coats to those less fortunate at one of our Food Truck locations. Who knows what memories are tucked away in these coats? One thing we do know, is that a new memory for the owner of a gently used coat will be one of love and sacrifice.

We may hand out food, clothes, or medical supplies, but what we are really doing is establishing memories of love and care. Come be a part of sharing the love of Christ! Whether that is donating clothes, food, or time in the form of volunteering, there is a place for you…and a memory worth creating.

Ross Jones

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

Food Truck is a core ministry here at KDC! Every week we serve free groceries to hundreds of struggling families which gives them the ability to, not only put food on their tables, but target their limited income to other essential needs. It is humbling and exciting to see men, women, and children thankful and appreciative for the food they receive. The great thing is that we serve week in and week out; same time and locations around the city.

Consistency is key!

However, many people who receive from Food Truck, while thankful for the food, point to other reasons, mainly one, on why they love coming out.

It’s you…

Ms. Glenda sharing her love with the people at the Park West Church Dutch Valley campus Food Truck

Our volunteers make it easy for people to come out and receive. Going to a Food Truck can be embarrassing for some, but our volunteers make it a place where people feel loved.

Recently, one of our volunteers retired from over 40 years at the same place and was looking for an opportunity to “love on some people.” Our new Food Truck site at Park West Church Dutch Valley was the perfect place for her to jump in. Not only does Glenda have conversations and joke around with those who get in line, but she hugs and prays for them as well. In fact, she believes God sent her to Food Truck just to minister to those in line!

Glenda struggled with anger early on in her life, but Jesus took it away! Recently, two men in line at Food Truck told her they struggled with anger issues as well. Glenda, full of joy, tells them about what Jesus did for her, how Jesus set her free from the anger that gripped her life.

Why do people open up to us at Food Truck?

It’s because we are not strangers. We are there every week, waiting to make a difference. I believe there is a "Glenda" in all of us…waiting to come out and “love on some people” and make a difference in the desert!

Ross Jones

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